Sky Squirrel is a unique blend of creativity and technical precision, leveraging aerial technology (UAV/UAS systems, or “drones”), aerial photography, and aerial videography to create dynamic solutions that can be individually tailored to your projects’ needs.  

Our studio brings a diverse set of knowledge and capabilities to the field; offering a myriad of solutions for Aerial and Ground Photography and Videography, as well as all your Multimedia Production needs.

Our top priority is to operate safety and transparently. We are experienced UAV/UAS “Drone” operators, and work with all relevant federal and local authorities to provide the safest, most reliable service possible.




  • Construction Planning and Progress Monitoring
  • Surveying 
  • Aerial View Studies
  • Bridge Inspection
  • Asset & Plant Inspection
  • Maintenance Survey
  • Rooftop Inspections / Survey   


Insurance Assessment

  • Claims Adjustment
  • Damage Assessment 
  • Before & After Photos 



  • Film
  • Television
  • Commercials
  • Music Videos
  • Web Media

Real Estate Marketing

  • Property Photos & Video Tours
  • Panoramic Photos & 360˚ and Virtual Tours
  • Residential Property Marketing
  • Commercial Property Marketing 
  • Industrial Property Marketing
  • Hotel & Resort Marketing


Events Coverage and Promotion 

  • Action Sports
  • Weddings
  • Concerts
  • Live Event Coverage
  • Sports Event Coverage
  • News
  • Private Events


Agriculture Monitoring 

  • Irrigation Monitoring
  • Mid-Field Weed Identification 
  • Variable-Rate Fertility