Sky Squirrel is a unique blend of creativity and technical precision, leveraging aerial technology (UAV/UAS systems, or “drones”), aerial photography, and aerial videography to create dynamic solutions that can be individually tailored to your projects’ needs.  

Our studio brings a diverse set of knowledge and capabilities to the field; offering solutions for Aerial and Ground Photography and Videography, as well as all your Multimedia Production needs.

Our top priority is to operate safety and transparently. We are experienced UAV/UAS “Drone” operators, and work with all relevant federal and local authorities to provide the safest, most reliable service possible.






  • Construction Planning and Progress Monitoring

  • Surveying

  • Aerial View Studies

  • Bridge Inspection

  • Asset & Plant Inspection

  • Maintenance Survey

  • Rooftop Inspections / Survey


Insurance Assessment

  • Claims Adjustment

  • Damage Assessment

  • Before & After Photos



  • Film

  • Television

  • Commercials

  • Music Videos

  • Web Media

Real Estate Marketing

  • Property Photos & Video Tours

  • Panoramic Photos & 360˚ and Virtual Tours

  • Residential Property Marketing

  • Commercial Property Marketing

  • Industrial Property Marketing

  • Hotel & Resort Marketing


Events Coverage and Promotion 

  • Action Sports

  • Weddings

  • Concerts

  • Live Event Coverage

  • Sports Event Coverage

  • News

  • Private Events


Agriculture Monitoring 

  • Irrigation Monitoring

  • Mid-Field Weed Identification

  • Variable-Rate Fertility